The theme of the Conference is the current role of geodesy and geoinformation in the economy and engineering activities in the field of design, implementation, management and buildings monitoring and building structures in the aspect of sustainable development.

The conference is a continuation of scientists and practitioners cyclical meetings as well as people teaching geodesy at non-geodesic departments. It is focused on the exchange of scientific, didactic and practical experiences as well as the integration of the scientific community operating at the interface of geodesy, cartography, spatial information systems, construction, environmental engineering, architecture and spatial planning.


The conference is interdisciplinary and its subject area covers measurement and research, implementation and operational issues in the scope of:

    • spatial information systems (design, implementation and applications) for the needs of sustainable development,
    • legal and practical aspects of the investment process,
    • BIM technology,
    • monitoring and control systems and measurement systems in engineering issues, including:

– new measurement systems and techniques,

– satellite, laser and photogrammetry techniques,

– analysis and interpretation of measurement results,

– application of IT methods,

– running a state geodetic and cartographic resource,

    • monitoring and issues of sustainable development in engineering activities,
    • communication construction (including engineering facilities) and cubature,
    • network and installation.

Due to the specificity of scientific units and the practical aspect of their activities, the current edition on interdisciplinary and international character.

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